What to Gift Your Parents This Valentines Day

If your parents are on their own this valentine’s day, then the 14th of February can be a lonely time for them and a time they may want to forget. Valentine's day doesn’t have to be a day just for partners, it’s a day where you can go above and beyond to anybody that you love in your life and this can include your parents. Why not reach out to your mom or dad this Valentine's day and make it a day that they remember for a different reason than being on their own. Have a call from you and a thoughtful gift will make their day special instead of a day they look forward to being over and done with.

If you are struggling to think of what to get your mom or dad on valentine’s day, below are several valentine's day gift ideas that you can get your parents for the 14th of February. Whatever you choose to get them, we are sure they will be appreciative and it will make their day special.


Valentine's Day flowers for Mom

Flowers are one of those beautiful gifts that you can’t go wrong with. For Valentine's day, why not treat your mom to a bouquet of flowers that will brighten up her day. She can put them up on display in the house and will instantly be in a better mood whenever she sees them, knowing that you put the effort into getting them for her.

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Action Movie for Your Dad

Is there a film that you have recently watched that you know your dad will love? Then why not get him that for Valentine's day. It’s something that he can watch at any time, or you could do a watch party and watch it together over Zoom if he is being affected by COVID. If you aren’t sure what film to buy, you could always purchase a voucher and ask him to pick the film himself.

Prosecco or Champagne for Mom

Purchase a nice bottle of prosecco or champagne and send it to your mum on valentine's day. You could also purchase yourself a bottle and then open them both over a zoom call for you to enjoy whilst catching up together. It’s a lovely surprise that your mom will not have been expecting and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Rum or Whisky for Dad

What’s your dad’s favorite spirit? Why not ask him what he drinks in advance and then buy him a bottle for Valentine's day. If you know he likes a certain type of spirit then buy him a bottle that he may not have tried before as a nice surprise. Some bottles you can even get engraved with his name on as a special treat and one that he can keep forever.

Bottle of Perfume for Mom

Does your mum have a particular fragrance that she loves to wear? Is there one that she has been speaking about but hasn’t got around to buying yet? Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to purchase this and surprise her with it. It might be that she hasn’t been speaking about one but you know of one that she will love. Plus, whenever she uses it, it will remind her of the lovely present you got her. For your dad, you could also buy him an aftershave.

Smart Tech for Dad

Have you heard the saying of “boys and their toys” this doesn’t change when they get older either. With smart tech constantly evolving, more and more devices are getting launched. This is the perfect opportunity to purchase one for your dad, that he can play around with on valentine's day. If you know he has a couple of lamps in the house, smart LED bulbs could be an option. You could look at a Google or Alexa device, or maybe a smart doorbell would be something he would benefit from. Other devices can be smart speakers or a smart thermostat. The list of small devices that you could choose from is endless.

There are so many gifts you can get your parents for valentine's day. It’s not what you spend on them that counts, it’s the fact you have thought about them and showed that you care. Even the smallest of gifts can make the biggest of differences to someone.

What gift will you be purchasing your mom or dad for valentine's day? Is there something you know they will really enjoy that we haven’t included?

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