The Best Mothers Day Flowers & Where to Get Them

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you are pondering the best gifts that will make your mother feel special on this holiday and appreciated for the life she has blessed you with every day. How are you going to treat her, near or far?


It’s always a simple and special idea to gift her with a stunning bouquet mixing the most vibrant and aromatic flowers with greenery, but you might be wondering what flowers to gift your mom on Mother’s Day. Every mother is different in regards to their desired smells, favorite colors, and sizes of a bouquet, so it’s important to consider your mom when talking with a local florist about the perfect arrangement. If you need to, don’t be shy to ask her for her favorite scents and colors, or consider what she’s received and appreciated in the past.

Follow these recommendations to pick the perfect Mother’s Day Arrangements for your mom.


Not all flowers are created equal. A flower's odor is dependent on many factors, and a person’s sense of smell alters between each scent. What one person loves, another may loathe!

Scents also have a huge effect on human psychology, so consider this when you are choosing between lilies, tulips, daisies, lavender, or any other flower that gives off a powerful and unique odor.

This is known as aromachology. If you have ever walked into an antique store, you might experience an influx of memories to do with your great grandmother or another ancestor. Similarly, if you’ve ever taken a whiff of cinnamon or pine, childhood memories from Christmas might reappear, stimulating many different emotions. Even if they aren’t connected with memories, aromatherapy has been used to boost the moods of many! For example, orange is considered an uplifting scent, while lavender is a relaxing scent. What does your mom need on her special day?

The most common flower gifted, the rose, is also known to promote relaxation and reduce stress because it lowers adrenaline levels. Eucalyptus is used as beautiful accent greenery to any flower arrangement and produces an invigorating and refreshing psychological effect. Jasmine is uplifting and energizing like orange, which may be difficult to add to a flower arrangement organically. The list goes on. Determine what your mother could use a little dose of, and do your research or ask a florist to pick the perfect scent combinations for your mother.

Color Palettes

Just like scents, color palettes also play a role in our emotions. You might be familiar with fast-food chains using red in their logos and advertising because it stimulates appetite. Many interior designers will also add red to kitchens or dining areas for the same reason.

You may know by now where your mother typically likes to place any floral arrangement she receives, and, if not, you can always let her know where the best place is to put this specific one.

Flowers of cooler shades and blue tints inspire calmness, so lavender, lilies, tulips, and more can be picked in these colors. Reds and pinks, like roses, peonies, and other flowers inspire the self-love and love of others. Orange and yellow, like marigolds, daisies, chamomile, and some roses, induce positive thinking, happiness, and just an overall mood boost!

These decisions are important to make when choosing an arrangement, because if your mom is experiencing fatigue or too much “yin,” you will want to inspire her with vibrant oranges and yellows, maybe some reds, to boost her spirit this Mother’s Day.


Also dependent on location, the sizing of bouquets matters. Sizing does not necessarily play a role in psychology, but it can if your mom likes neat and tidy, big and vibrant, or any variation in between. If your mom lives in a tiny apartment with little space to dedicate to a flower arrangement, consider getting a thinner, but taller bouquet of eucalyptus and roses.

If she has a lot of space to accommodate her beautiful bouquet, you can choose something fuller, with more variety and lush flower choices.

For some, this may sound complicated to make these decisions for another person. Sharing any insight you can with a local florist or flower delivery service will allow a specialist to assist you in making these decisions for your mom. You can take comfort in knowing that regardless of the size, color, or scent, your mother is going to feel recognized when she receives such a unique and spectacular arrangement. Your local florist, Wild Strawberry & More has a variety flower arrangements and designs to choose from. Have your flowers delivered straight to your front door with our flower delivery options in Holt, MI.

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