What Gifts Work for What Mom for Mother's Day


It is a challenge, finding mom the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Moms are a key component in making a home, life and what feels like the world run without falling flat. Remind your mom how special she is with a gift she’ll want to receive on Mother’s Day.

As much as we would love to give you a step-by-step guide on how to make Mother’s Day perfect for your mom, we can’t, but we can give you some inspiration for good Mother's Day gifts. Every mom is different, so the gift you choose to get her for Mother’s Day needs to make sense to who she is.

With that in mind, we picked some top Mother's Day gift ideas for some of the biggest mom groups out there.

The Book Club Mom

You have one, are one or know one. It’s the Book Club Mom. She may or may not be a part of an organized book club, but if she is not, she should be. When she is not working, taking care of kids or cleaning something, she is reading a book. She may even listen to an audiobook while she takes on her day-to-day tasks.

The obsession for reading is REAL.

The Book Club Mom may be one of the easier mom groups to buy for. Get her that new book she has been dying to read. For the more modern Book Club Mom, get her a book tablet. These 7 Best Tablets for Reading Digital Books are a great place to start. A book tablet helps her keep all her reads in one place.

If you are trying to stick to a theme or keep it simple because you have lunch and a movie day planned out for mom too, consider getting the Book Club Mom a personalized bookmark, a themed blanket or her favorite book-themed clutch . All these gift ideas are sure-fire hits for the mom who just wants to get her read on.

The Young Mom

Being a first-time mom is scary. There is a lot of pressure, uncertainty and fatigue that comes along with raising a child. What you do and say contributes largely to who your child will become. With that in mind, the young mom should be prioritized on Mother’s Day.

This is a special milestone for new moms. It’s their first Mother’s Day. Any gift will be just a little more special for a new mom because it is all new. For most mothers, it is about sentiment, but this is especially relevant for new mothers.

Gifts that will remind her of why she does what she does are ideal. Keepsake boxes, her child’s birthstone in a piece of jewelry, a frame with her baby’s hand, finger or footprint and any other meaningful keepsake gift will help make her first Mother’s Day one she will never forget.

The Mom Who is a Little EXTRA

If your mother is a little “EXTRA” and that makes you hesitant when buying her a Mother’s Day gift, just know, you are not alone. The older you are, the more Mother’s Day gifts she has received. It makes the whole process a lot harder because it feels like all the “good” gift ideas have been used.

With all that in mind, there are some reasonable options for gifts to give that “extra” mom in your life that she'll like. One gift that is always a safe bet involves giving mom time to herself. Treat mom to a new hairdo, a nail day or pay for her to have a girl’s brunch out with her besties.

She may have more candles than she needs, and she may be over her head in sentimental mom trinkets. The mom who is a little “extra” still deserves to be treated extra special on Mother’s Day. If handing her money or gift cards is a little too impersonal for you, consider a subscription box, so mom can live her most “extra” life.

Wine of the month and monthly makeup subscription boxes are best sellers. Mom can be her most boujee self when sipping on her Pinot Grigio while watching Real Housewives of Orange County from the comfort of her bed. If it seems like too much, it’s not for the “Mom Who is a Little EXTRA. “

The Sentimental Mom

You can’t help but be grateful for The Sentimental Mom. Sure, they can be extremely pushy, very touchy and they don’t understand the concept of T.M.I., but The Sentimental Mom loves beyond measure, and her happiness is found in her child’s success.

The Sentimental Mom appreciates all the “World's Best Mom” merchandise, handmade treasures and cheesy cards. She proudly keeps a collection of candles, because they came from her kids! It is not hard to make the Sentimental Mom cry, because any sort of warm gesture causes her heart to melt into a puddle of emotion.

If your mom is super special to you and you just want to do something to show her that she is appreciated, our team of Mother’s Day experts at Wild Strawberry & More in Okemos, MI, would be happy to create a beautiful and personal gift that fits your mom this Mother’s Day. We have worked with every kind of mom and understand the struggle of buying Mother’s Day gifts.

Just know that waiting until the last minute will limit your options, as flowers are a Mother’s Day favorite. Many people even consider them among the best Mother's Day gifts, as they are loved across all mom groups. If you are looking to get your mom’s Mother’s Day flowers personalized, talk with us ahead of time, so we can ensure that it is everything you want.

If life has been busy and you just haven’t had the time to buy mom a gift yet, we do offer same-day flower delivery for Mother’s Day. This ensures you have the opportunity to surprise mom no matter where she is or how far you may be away from each other.

For those last-minute orders, our Designer’s Choice Mother’s Day arrangements guarantee mom will still get something beautiful for Mother’s Day, but your options to personalize it will be more limited than of the gift orders placed ahead of time.

Regardless of what you choose to do for your mom this Mother’s Day, just be sure that she is celebrated. She deserves the world! Moms are the unsung heroes of the world.

Just think, without moms, you wouldn’t be here. Your significant other wouldn’t be here. None of us would be here. She doesn’t just give life once; she gives life every day, through her actions and her words. She adds life to the everyday.

For all the moms out there, we thank you and want to wish you the happiest of Mother’s Days!

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