Things to do with Dad on Father's Day


The paternal role in a child’s upbringing may vary, but the impact of a father’s influence is undeniable. With that in mind, we have compiled some memorable ideas for things you can do for your father figure on Father’s Day.

What is your bond like with your father or father figure? Your answer may impact what activities or gifts will be most appropriate for your situation. Not all families look the same and neither do all father figures.

While there are some typical characteristics that you expect from paternal figures, there are also some typical do’s and don’ts to help you decide what to do for dad on Father’s Day.

Monkey see. Monkey Do.

You’ve been watching him- maybe intentionally, maybe not. A paternal figure has a large impact on a person’s development- sometimes in a good way, sometimes not. There may be certain things you remember doing with your dad growing up, or maybe they are just activities that you loved to watch him do.

Father’s Day 2020 is bound to be different than any other Father’s Day. Due to the blockades put up by the coronavirus, celebrations, in all forms, have had to adjust the way in which they are celebrated. People are more cautious, and limitations are put in place in a variety of capacities.

If you are one to one to celebrate dad in a big way, this year may not be the year. This year is the year to appreciate and focus on the simple things. Instead of going out to dinner with dad, consider a family barbeque in the backyard, or have barbeque catered in.

What is it about dad that makes him so special? Is it his kind eyes that see the good in you? Is it his sweet words that make your heart feel safe, or is it his strong hands that make you think you can conquer the world when he is by your side?

Whether you realize it or not, you watch your dad. We all do. You can’t help but do it. What dad does is what you want to do. There is something that draws a child to the paternal figure in their life.

It’s Dad’s Day.

It’s dad’s day, so it is important to make it about him and what he loves. For instance, if dad is an outdoorsman, spend the day fishing with him at his favorite spot. It doesn’t matter if you find it boring or not. It will make dad feel like a million bucks because he gets to do one of his favorite things with one of his favorite people. It is the perfect time to bond, and those bonding moments are the moments to live for.

Perhaps your dad is more the book condenser. Just because the libraries and bookstores are closed doesn’t mean that you need to count out all book-related activities. Have a read-in with dad. Whether it’s a book that you’ve read a million times or one you’ve picked up together for the first time, you’ll never regret spending the day with your father.

Switch it up and try reading the same book together, even if you have to be separate. Afterward, you can enjoy a discussion about what you liked and disliked.

If your dad has just exhausted the options on the house bookshelves, there are plenty of online options to turn to. One such place is The Book Depository. They offer books at a cheaper price than most retailers, and they also offer free delivery on every order.

Maybe your dad is a foodie? Going out to eat is a debatable option now, so bring the food to him! Look up different recipes that you think he will enjoy and surprise him with a lavish Father’s Day dinner. Maybe he has a go-to favorite that he always asks for on special occasions, consider cooking it together. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it the same if that’s what your dear dad wants.

If the love your dad has comes from not only eating but preparing the food, include him in the whole process this Father’s Day. Whether your meal comes out exactly as pictured in your recipe or you end up ordering a pizza out of a smoky kitchen, you’ll cherish all the memories spent together with the man you love oh so much.

This Father’s Day may look different than it has before. If you can’t be there in person with your dad this year, don’t fret. You have options. Turn to technology to help. Most of us have smartphones and the internet. It is all you need to make a video call to dad on Father’s Day.

Whether you’re using a feature like FaceTime, which every iPhone can do- providing you have enough service, or for our Android users, you are using a third-party app like Hangouts, let your dad see that he is appreciated, thought of and loved.

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Try to remember that the most important thing to do with dad on Father’s Day is to show him you care. It doesn’t matter how big or small the gesture is. It will mean the world to him. If you can’t be there with dad on Father’s Day, our florists at Wild Strawberry & More in Okemos, MI, have plants and dish gardens that dad will love. Let us help you bridge the distance. While physically being there is ideal, showing that you are there in spirit and always will be, regardless of the miles between you, is what Father’s Day is all about.

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