Thanksgiving Flower Ideas

Thanksgiving is more than just a meal. It is a chance to make memories with the people who matter the most, and the one with the most responsibility is the host. If you are hosting Thanksgiving, we have some floral décor to make it feel like Thanksgiving as soon as your guests walk through the door.

Thanksgiving often conjures thoughts of the meal, but this holiday is more about getting together with family and friends. Hosting a Thanksgiving get together can be quite overwhelming, so when it comes to getting your home ready for guests, we have some easy ideas for Thanksgiving flower arrangements and Thanksgiving flower décor that can add a festive touch and an elegant, fall ambiance to your Thanksgiving feast and festivities.


Centerpieces and Table Decor

As the name implies, centerpieces are meant to sit at the center of the table and command attention. If you want a Thanksgiving centerpiece to place at the center of the table where the meal will be served, make sure your guests can see over it.

If you have a long dining table and want to decorate it with a fall centerpiece, we have special Thanksgiving designs that are in rectangular containers. These designs are longer and less view-obstructing than large, round centerpiece designs.

Our expert florists love to design Thanksgiving centerpieces with a fall theme. We have pumpkin containers and fall harvest box containers to form the foundation for our Thanksgiving designs. When it comes to fall flowers, we have autumn-colored roses, sunflowers and bronze daisy poms to name a few of the seasonal blooms we use.

If you are looking for a way to expand on the Thanksgiving décor theme, you can add mason jars next to your centerpieces and place smaller, single blooms or even candles in them to accent your other décor.

When selecting a flower to accent your centerpiece, make sure it does not take away from your Thanksgiving décor by clashing or having a brighter color. Choose a color and flower that will make a lovely accent. A carnation in a soft, fall hue will likely be a pretty accessory for your centerpieces.

You can also decorate the area around your centerpiece with fall vegetables. The colors are perfect for a Thanksgiving theme, and once the party is over, you can eat those heathy, fall veggies.

A Wreath to Keep

If you want to let people know that you take Thanksgiving seriously, consider décor for your door. A fall wreath sets the tone of your gathering right from the start. Our florists are always happy to create a unique piece to complement your Thanksgiving feast.

We have wreath options including pumpkins, turkeys and fall-colored leaves, flowers and berries and are always willing to discuss ideas for fall wreaths.

Fall Plants

If you want Thanksgiving décor that lasts once the holiday ends, consider adding fall plants when decorating for Thanksgiving. Our shop often offers options including mums and kalanchoe plants in cute, collectible fall planters and even orchids in beautiful, soft peach autumn hues.

Thanksgiving Gifts

If you are looking for Thanksgiving gifts, we have fall-inspired gift baskets that your Thanksgiving guests will love. There are seasonal fruits, nuts, sweet treats and more that will have everyone snacking while the meal is being prepared. Our gift baskets are designed with presentation in mind. In fact, a gift basket is an option for décor that serves duel purposes.

These captivating ideas for Thanksgiving flowers are just a few ways to enhance your home’s festive appearance this Thanksgiving. The important part of Thanksgiving is enjoying a comforting meal among friends and family.

Since Thanksgiving is often a busy time of entertaining and spending time with the people who matter most, let us handle the fall Thanksgiving décor while you focus on being the host. Whether you want centerpieces, wreaths or gift baskets, our florists at Wild Strawberry & More serving areas around Okemos, MI will bring Thanksgiving décor right to your door.

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