How to Throw a New Year's Eve Party... Like a Pro


Party like it’s the new year... because it is! If you are looking for how-to throw a New Year’s Eve party like a professional, this is the blog for you. You are young. You are fun, and you want to start the new year off the right way. Join the journey of party planning like a pro with these tips for getting those New Year’s Eve parties started.

A professional event planner doesn’t gain their expertise overnight. It all comes through experience. This experience isn’t limited to everything we do right. Most of what makes us who we are comes from trial, error and years of being willing to try whatever is needed to throw an event our clients are proud of.

A Working Theme

With every event, it is important to start with a working theme. It is a working theme because it is subject to change and need adjustments along the way. However, a working theme is important because it gives you or your planner a foundation to build off.

In this case, your theme is New Year’s Eve. That’s not going to change, but the premise in which you celebrate and execute this theme may.

Choosing a theme may prove more of a New Year’s Eve party planning challenge than it may seem. This year is ending so is this decade. It’s crazy, right? We are about to reenter the 20s. Perhaps, that can help spark some inspiration. This is a rare opportunity. Relive the 20s while entering the 20s. Throwing a 20s themed New Year’s Eve party is both a cool concept and an awesome time.

You can also stick with a more traditional décor and theme. This could include a glitz and glam mixture of golds and silvers, 2020 balloons and other fun pieces. When you have a color scheme set, it is easier to plan out the pieces you’ll need.

If you have an idea of how you want your rocking New Year's Eve party to be, the delivery gets a lot easier. Brainstorm and deliver with your party planner and your party checklist.

A Party Checklist

Party like it’s the new year... because it is. New Year’s Eve parties are meant to kick off the year, so go big or go home. Whether it is a party of one or it’s a party bar none, a New Year’s Eve party is not worth celebrating without the essentials.

Break down what you’ll need. It is all in the details. Among the top of the list (the tip-top of the list) are the guests’ top priorities. These top priorities include what there is to eat and drink. The menu should be a simpler task.

New Year’s Eve parties are typically held late at night, so you and your guests can enter the new year in the company of the Times Square ball drop and start the year with a kiss. Although kicking the guests out by 10 p.m. isn’t an option, keeping the menu simple is.

It is past dinnertime, so all you’ll need to provide are some crunchy snacks, easy appetizers or some pizza if you are in a cheesy mood. The menu should just be created to fuel your guests, so they last until midnight. Keep it simple and versatile. Give every guest an option. It is always wise to find out any dietary restrictions ahead of time.

Drinks can be as simple, sophisticated or themed as you would like. It will all vary when it comes to the age range of your party’s guest list. For the kiddos along with nonalcoholic drinkers, sparkling grape juice is a crowd-pleaser. It helps make everyone feel involved with a nice bubbly drink to toast the new year. Turn it into a punch for a little something fun.

For the adults attending, consider a signature beverage, along with your favorite wines and alcoholic beverages. Champagne is a New Year’s Eve go-to for New Year’s toasts, so you may want to have some on hand. The hors d'oeuvres are not only the main priority for New Year’s Eve parties but for any party. Keep it simple but have fun with it. It’s the new year after all.

The Décor of the Year

A professional party planner will be able to meet your New Year’s Eve party needs. New Year’s Eve party themes can be as distinct or as generic as the host wants. When it comes to New Year’s Eve décor, Pinterest is always a great resource. It is a source for ideas on themes, food, drinks and décor.

While New Year’s Eve décor can be bought and created yourself, consider the pressure that is taken off when hiring a professional to do it for you. Yes, you can buy the traditional décor at your local party store, but if this is your first time hosting a New Year’s Eve party, consider hiring or consulting with a professional.

With every party planner, there will be a unique perspective that takes on throwing a memorable New Year’s Eve party. Talking with a party planner is as simple as talking with a friend that has more experience in the matter.

Whether it is your first time hosting or your fifth, a party planner is there to assist in any way they are needed. Your party planner will direct you to the professionals you need to execute the New Year’s Eve plan in your head.

Often, you will be redirected to a party planner’s partnered vendors for their specific areas of expertise. These include local caterers and local florists. Our team at Wild Strawberry & More in Okemos, MI would be happy to assist you in creating the perfect décor to kick off the new year. We are here to help you start this new year right.

A Plan for Execution

A professional party planner always has an execution plan. How they execute their plan may vary, but one thing is for sure. Preparation is key. The same goes for a professional florist.

A florist must plan out what to order, when to order it, who preps the designs, who designs the arrangements, where to keep them, when to deliver them and so on. The process of executing the desired look, style and theme is nothing to shake a stick at. Nothing beautiful happens without the thought, work and intent that goes into creating it.

Forget about what could go wrong and focus on how great the outcome can be. When looking for how to throw a New Year’s Eve party like a pro, consider talking to a pro about getting help when it is needed. It’s a new year full of new opportunities. End this year and start this new decade on a high note.

It is the time to plan with 2020 vision. What is it you want to accomplish before this year is up? If it is throwing a killer New Year’s Eve extravaganza, buckle up because the party planning is getting started!

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