How to Repurpose Wedding Flowers


Weddings are a day for reflecting a couple’s love story. It is a celebration of commitment and passion. Wedding flowers are just a way of connecting the natural elements of beauty with the history of every love story. With that in mind, like love, let’s make flowers last with ways to repurpose them.

For better or for worse, wedding flowers are a beautiful staple that can be repurposed in many ways. This includes both during the wedding reception and after the wedding day has passed. Just as love is meant to be cherished and preserved, so are the flowers that represent it.

Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are a personal and vital part of wedding accents and décor. Wedding flowers tie in design, style and theme of any wedding ceremony, and often, they are a collection of the couple’s taste and carry a deeper meaning behind their initial look.

The bride carries this style, passion and beauty with her, in hand, as she walks down the aisle, as she takes pictures and as she tosses her bouquet. It allows her to “pass on the torch” of love to another who is so eagerly awaiting it. Forget the logistics and consider the possibilities when it comes to wedding flowers.

When you are choosing your wedding flowers, be sure to consult with a professional. Wedding planners and florists often work alongside each other to ensure cohesion. It is important that your wedding flowers fit into the overall desired aesthetic of your wedding. What stands out on camera? What colors conflict and which work well together?

Talking with wedding professionals will help ensure that consistency for a picture-perfect wedding look.

Repurposing Wedding Flowers for the Reception

Wedding flowers don’t have to be short-lived. Talk with your florist and your wedding planner about repurposing your bridal and bridesmaid bouquets into centerpieces. Once the ceremony is over, you won’t want to be carrying them around anyway.

Repurposing your wedding flowers for the reception ensures the bouquets remain intact and gives them a dual purpose. They will be a compliment to the reception. Repurposing wedding flowers for the reception is simple but just takes a little planning and teamwork. Once your photos are done, hand over your bouquets to a person you trust and allow the professionals to set them up during cocktail hour.

This helps you save a little and gain a lot. Your happiness is a florist’s priority. Let us help you get the most out of your beautiful wedding flowers and designs by repurposing them for your wedding reception.

Repurposing Wedding Flowers after the Wedding Day

Like any flower designs, wedding flowers can be repurposed and preserved. Preserving flowers is a common practice in a variety of capacities. This is due to their profound impact on a person upon receiving them and a strong desire to keep those emotions alive.

Potted plants are often used in the more earthy and exotic wedding themes. If your wedding fits into that category, repurposing your wedding flowers is that much easier. Plant your flowers at home to allow the floral life of your wedding to live on. It is beautifully representative. You can also share the love by giving these potted centerpieces to members of your family or the wedding party as a small wedding gift.

Floral confetti is a fun option for any extra petals your florist has from your wedding designs. Talk with your wedding florist if you are looking to repurpose those extra petals into floral confetti to be thrown at your wedding exit. If there aren’t enough petals based on the designs you had, talk with your wedding florist about getting extra or use those the petals you do have to create DIY soap gifts for post-wedding gifts or potpourri for your own home.

Since they are cut and made into designs, wedding flowers aren’t going to live beyond a few days after the wedding. That shouldn’t hold you back from repurposing them in a way that makes you or others happy. Most couples are off to their honeymoon after the wedding, so repurposing your wedding flowers may take some coordinating with your wedding party, planner or family members. Having your wedding flowers delivered to a local hospital, nursing home or homeless shelter can be a kind and meaningful way to share the joy of nature and your big day with others.

One of the most popular ways to repurpose wedding flowers for your own home is by hanging them upside down to dry. This gives you the option to repurpose them in a unique way to reflect on and/or incorporate into your home décor. This can be done in many ways. Some use their dried wedding flowers to be pressed and preserved in a book, while others get crafty and frame them for their wall art.

There is no right or wrong way to repurpose your wedding flowers. The goal of repurposing wedding flowers is for the newly married couple to be happy with their choice. Saying “I do” is a huge moment in a couple's life. Wedding flowers play a crucial part in making that moment special. Let the same bouquet that you held in your hand as you walked down the aisle and entered in a lifelong union help you extend that love and beauty with others for the time to come, regardless if that is for you or someone else to enjoy.

No matter how much we want it to, we can’t make a wedding day last forever, but we can make moves to cherish and preserve parts of it. Flowers being one of those memorable and beautiful parts. Wedding flowers can be preserved in so many ways that make reliving your wedding day an integrated part of your everyday life.

Our florists at Wild Strawberry & More serving areas around Holt, MI are here to help make your wedding beautiful in whatever way that entails. Nature provides us what we need in a variety of capacities. It accentuates simple things and elevates already beautiful elements. Let our floral professionals help answer your questions about making your wedding day and the days that follow it special.

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