How to Plan Your Anniversary During COVID-19

Your anniversary is undoubtedly a special time of the year, during which you can celebrate the milestones you have achieved while together, remember the good memories built over the years, and cherish the relationship you have worked so hard for.

However, this year, COVID-19 seems to have created an obstacle, making you change the plans you might have had for your anniversary. But not all is lost! There are some magical anniversary ideas you can plan for without having to leave the comfort of your home - and you can be sure to wow your other half!


Gifts for a Magical Anniversary During COVID-19

The perfect anniversary is composed of two essential aspects: thoughtful anniversary gifts and an out-of-the-ordinary experience. While you might not be able to go to your favorite restaurant for dinner or take a weekend away in your favorite mountain retreat this year, you can still do something spectacular. So, let’s start from the first aspect: the gift.


During this unusual year, you might not be able to head out and check every shop in town for the right necklace. So, you will need to use other options to create a beautiful gift for your other half. DIY gifts are undoubtedly thoughtful, but they can spoil the atmosphere if you are not an expert in such arts.

Instead, opting for professionally-composed alternatives such as an anniversary bouquet or gift baskets. Anniversary bouquets are a sure way to tell your other half how special they are for you. And, if you have designed your bouquet with the help of a professional florist, you can also pay attention to the meaning of each flower.

Gift Baskets

Instead, a gift basket is what you need if you wish your other half to have everything they wanted! Indeed, gift baskets are completely customizable, and they don’t require you to choose between two equally good options! So, you can include your other half’s favorite wine, foods, gift cards, and even spices or stationery - and even couple it up with an anniversary bouquet or hand-written cards.

What Are Some Romantic Date Ideas?

To plan an exclusive night for your other half, you should be asking yourself, “What are some good ideas for a date night at home?”. Indeed, with restaurant closures, travel bans, and social distancing measures still in effect, it is impossible to plan a safe and stylish evening to spend together on your anniversary.

Instead, with the right planning ideas, you can turn your living room into the perfect atmosphere - and without much effort. Here are some safe and private date night ideas that can make your anniversary special.

Cook Together

Preparing dinner or dessert together can be an excellent way to catch up on what has been going on and give yourself time to enjoy each other’s presence. And of course, you can then enjoy your creation while having dinner together! For this, you won’t need much more than the basic ingredients required for your recipe, so it is perfect if you are planning your anniversary last-minute.

Plan a Candlelight Dinner

A candlelight dinner is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the word “anniversary.” However, with your favorite restaurant still closed and not so much confidence in your cooking skills, how can you enjoy a candlelight meal with your other half? Simple – order takeout!

Plan ahead so you can be sure to have your dinner on time, set the table, and decide to dress up for the evening - that’s everything you need for a memorable anniversary dinner!

Opt for a Cozy Movie Night

If you have both been working hard in the past month, you might decide to use your anniversary to spend some time together in the company of your favorite movie. Just don’t forget to get popcorn and enough snacks to get you through a movie marathon.

Introduce a Weekly Game Night

Your anniversary can be the start of something great! If you have both always loved board and card games, but you never seem to have enough time for them, start today! For this date night idea, you will need plenty of snacks and enough board games to keep you busy throughout the evening. Just make sure that such games are suitable for the number of participants - or just ask your whole family to join in!

Spend Some Time Painting With Watercolors

One idea that might require a little more planning is spending a night painting with watercolors. This can be an extremely fun alternative if you have some more time to spend together - and you won’t need much more than just canvas and watercolors. End the evening with a nice takeout meal and get your family to vote for the best painting!

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